Emotional Effects of Morning Sickness: Guest blog by Mommy MD Guides Member, Dr. Jennifer Gilbert, D

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Guest blog by Mommy MD Guides member, Dr. Jennifer Gilbert, DO

When you’re pregnant, you feel like you should be happy…glowing, but who’s happy when they’re nauseous and vomiting? You might feel a tremendous amount of emotional conflict, and that’s difficult to deal with.

Morning sickness in general, and HG in particular, can set a woman up for post-partum depression. A mom might feel disconnected from her pregnancy because it made her feel so sick.

So, how can you cope? It’s important for pregnant women to have a strong support system. It might help to reach out to other women who have had morning sickness to hear what got them through it. It also might help to focus more on the bigger picture. Rather than just thinking about your pregnancy, think about the birth, and most of all think about your baby. Pregnancy is just one part of the process of becoming a mom and more than half of moms to be will experience morning sickness so it’s important to remember that you’re not alone.

About the author: Jennifer Gilbert, DO, is a mom of twins, an ob/gyn at Paoli Hospital in Pennsylvania, and a contributor to The Mommy MD Guide to Your Baby’s First Year and www.MommyMDGuides.com. Learn more about Sea-Band Mama, available at CVS at http://www.facebook.com/sea-band and www.sea-band.com/mama


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